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Want to prevent action beyond the limit of the people in the pool

I just want a normal relationship, but with a woman's sensitivity, I feel that she wants to go even further.

I have just registered to swim for 3 months, swimming in the morning. I knew someone older than him, at first he just asked for the number to contact normally. I know that person works at a media agency so I asked to buy a child locator watch. I asked to buy but that person insisted on giving me a gift, and after that I was stressed to receive the money. The story did not stop there, the person also texted, said that when I didn't go to swim, I remembered, and sometimes praised me for a nice swimming (I can swim, swim faster than him, but the strength is not equal to him).

In the morning, I and I both swim for about 30-35 minutes, go to the jacuzzi for about 10 minutes and then return. It doesn't matter if you don't take my hand and hold my hand, I have to shake. Then yesterday he waved his leg, seemingly wanting to touch my leg. I managed to get out and leave earlier than expected time. He has a family, the oldest child to work. I don't like that kind of relationship. How do people help me to behave skillfully so as not to offend that person and keep my friendships? To add a little more, during the day I just enlist to go to practice in the morning, then go back to send my children to school, pick them up, cook and let them study at night. Sincere thanks.

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After 10 years, my ex and I dated at the hotel but did not do anything

I know I'm wrong because he is married, I will continue to suffer as I continue.

Me and you, two people from two different cities, have the opportunity to meet and love each other in another city. Our love lasted only a year because I discovered he cheated on me. He has a child even though not married. I felt the love in him, he loved me very much but my love for him was not big enough to overcome that difficult period so I decided to break up, how many times did he hold on to me I still didn't waver lay.

Nearly 10 years have passed, everything has changed, he is already married, I also experienced some love but failed. I buried my love for him. After I broke up I realized that I love him so much, I could hardly forget him. I thought time would erase everything but actually in my heart sometimes I still think of him. This year, he and I were fortunate to meet again, initially shy, just talking like old friends met, gradually we both revealed our true feelings. Both still have feelings for each other. We had a meeting at the hotel, but he and I didn't go over the limit, we hadn't done anything in the past.

We confided to each other all about the love of the two of us. He said there was always my shadow in my heart and so did I. He always loved and respected me. After that meeting, we still got in touch. Then he found himself wrong, so he decided to terminate the contact even though he only asked to be texted to talk, without having to meet. This feeling has come to forget forever.

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My wife and I became best friends after we broke up

I am happy and serene when my child does not suffer from the mistakes of my husband and I.

After nearly 10 years of love and marriage, my wife and I broke up due to differences in lifestyle. I am a family-oriented man and somewhat in principle, she is a dreamer and likes freedom. When breaking up, his wife cried a lot because of torment and mercy. She said I was a good man, a good husband and father but still decided to go my own way and the new one chose. Although I still have feelings, I do not blame her but support her because I know the love must be on both sides.

Currently, the two of them agreed to stay together for 2 years as friends to take care of the daughter who is preparing to enter first grade. I financially support and contribute to finding a new home for my wife, and she also takes care of the children and the home. As friends, both feel quite comfortable in chatting, confiding, helping and agreeing on the way of parenting.

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Boyfriend holds other girl's sensitive papers

He explained that she was a partner, but I still could not believe it, how could I only be a partner who believed in keeping something so private?

Me and him know each other quite quickly, after only a month I came to stay with him. At first he was very pampered, always made me feel safe even because of the nature of work he did not let me touch the phone. Accidentally I know the past he was quite swell, acquainted with many girls, still holding cards and gifts of the old. I never wanted to see it because it was a thing of the past.

Recently I discovered that he kept a prenatal check-up record of another daughter. Now he turned to blame me, that I didn't trust him. During the time we met, I moved into his house, slept every night but did not go over the limit, we were afraid of having an unintended baby. I am very confused, can I ask for advice?

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I hide from him because of the disease of the century

Should I tell the truth, would he alienate me, be afraid of me, and lose his current friendship?

I am a gay man, I discovered I had HIV 3 years ago. Life seemed to close, but fortunately I was encouraged by my family and the doctors so my spirit gradually became optimistic. After a year I regained balance for life, take care of myself more, love my family and every moment I spend. I went back to work but was absolutely scared whenever someone mentioned love. So I no longer have feelings about love or, rather, fear. Afraid not because the disease has haunted me, but because if the lover knows and unfortunately happens to him, I do not know how to handle it.

I treated aggressively, so I always got the results that the load was below the detection threshold and my appearance was pretty good so no one could know what. The doctor said love it because it's safe and okay. I also just smiled: "Yes, I'm afraid of love, bro". Accidentally 6 months ago, I met him, initially simply friends but slowly feeling he gives me more than that. Both of them have stable jobs and good economy so they cannot be said to be taking advantage of each other. He often mentioned giving each other opportunities. I really wanted to open my heart but even hugging or hugging my arms I could not accept him to do, not because I did not want it but because I was scared, very scared.

I could not control my heart whenever he stood under the house waiting for me until late at night and I did not appear. I started to hide, and he was still searching hard for not understanding why I did that. I was about to move to another place, but I really knew that I also loved you in my heart. Many people and doctors recommend treating it as a chronic disease, don't lose your optimism because it's safe. Everyone, please give me some advice before this difficulty. To tell the truth, I couldn't look at him like that.

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The husband secretly sent money to his parents

He transferred the money without discussing with me a word, I found that the way to behave was too much.

I am 29 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City, pregnant with the second baby, the first 3-year-old boy; husband 28 years old. Our income is about 80 to 90 million VND / month and we owe one billion VND to buy apartments, pay 8 million and a half interest every month, and the rest, I borrow to pay about 50 to 60 million VND / month to the bank.

3 years ago, although their salary was quite high, when he got married, he could not save anything, almost sent to his family, nearly married because I saved to have the extra money and gold to buy for himself. After the wedding, the parents-in-law gave 500 thousand VND for the train bill, even 10 million after the wedding.

When buying the first apartment, the couple had little capital, managed to borrow money from both sides of the family, but only the foreign family had conditions to lend, while the husband's family in the countryside refused, asked to sell the land or borrow money from the father-in-law. or her husband also said it was not possible, even the gold saved and not lent. Since then when I need money, I have arranged and borrowed it by myself. My husband and I still send monthly from 2 million to 2.5 million, now 3 million already; In addition, we also send quarterly medical expenses, Tet spending, and miscellaneous supplies purchases throughout the year. Not to mention large amounts like building houses and fences also contribute because we have a good income.

To tell the truth, after getting married without any support from my husband's family (looking after my children with my sister-in-law but not often), I was very disappointed. I believe that when starting a business, anyone who can help me more or less appreciates it. Yet, over the past 4 years, my husband's family has very little support, almost only receives money from us even if the family has fields and additional gardens. My family had only cheeks, and she rarely received money from us, only spent on Tet, shopping for miscellaneous things in the house.

My husband is filial, always worried about his family, and he hid from me before. In the last two months, he seems to have had an extra bonus so he sent home 20 million to open a savings book, not telling me anything. I secretly read the message to see. What should I do in this situation? I felt very sad because my husband's family could not help me, and he even coordinated with his family to surpass me. Not to mention he told me to sign, difficult problems about money. Just married, we owe 900 million, after 3 years to pay off, currently from mid-last year to this year I also paid 250 million, and a billion debt at the bank. While my family's loan repayment was good, I had to manage a lot. Hope you give me your opinion. Thank you.

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My parents said I bothered them when forming a separate group to talk

First graders need the cooperation of their parents, and my work makes them uncomfortable.

I am a first-grade teacher, there are 38 children, the children are young, just moved from preschool, so I am very hard to manage and teach. At the beginning of the school year, my parents asked for my phone number and formed a group to inform parents about their children's learning. I also made it clear when the activity group was a teacher announcing their studies; The teacher said the content and the parents read it, if anyone does not understand anything then ask the teacher to answer, parents do not need to thank or message any personal things into the group.

The group has been active for two months and I have always been reminded and even criticized just because some parents are not aware that joining the group is a collective activity, whatever they say in spite of time and irrelevant content, there are parents who annoy them and frankly tell them what to put them into the group to receive spam messages all day. I was really shy, originally 38 members, now more than 15 people; Many announcements are needed, and the changing hours make me feel very pressured when managing a class like that. Hope you give me more ideas.

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