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If you plan to spend time in DaLat for 1 day 1 night and then the second day go to Mui Ne you can choose this option! 

We will pick you up at your hotel at 8:30 am(or depending on the time that you desire). After the whole tour, we will also drop you off at your hotel.

Some of the places that you will get to visit:
1. Robin hill (You can see the whole view of DaLat city. You can also ride the cable car if you like)
The Zen Meditation (biggest monastery in the south of Viet Nam)
3. The Paradise lake (biggest lake in DaLat)
4. Datanla waterfall (nice waterfall, you can ride the roller coaster and do ostrich riding if desire)
5. Linh Phuoc Pagoda (the largest pagoda)
6. Historical Railway Station (old train station)
7. The Crazy house (a house with a unique architecture that will keep you in awe)
8. Langbian mountain (highest mountain in DaLat, you can take the jeep if you desire)
DaLat Flower Garden ( many kinds of flower in here)

We will pick you up at your hotel at 7:30 am, and we will be heading to DaLat countryside!

Some of the places that you will get to visit at DaLat countryside:
1.     Top of Dalat(to view the whole countryside scenery)
2.     Coffee Plantations (you’ll get to see how Weasel coffee is made and try the coffee in the coffee farm itself!)
3.     Insect and wild animal farm (you’ll get to check out a cricket farm and have a try on fried cricket, crocodile , and more for those who are more adventurous!)
4.     Rice wine producer(you’ll get to see how some family make Vietnamese rice wine)
5.     Elephant Waterfall (the most natural and majestic falls in Lam Dong)
6.     Pongour waterfall (biggest waterfall in DaLat)

Afterwards, we will be heading down to Mui Ne, making a pit stop along the way to enjoy the nice scenery.We will also be visiting the White Sand Dunes, Red Sand Dunes, and the fisherman harbour. The last stop will be at the Fairy stream, before we drop you off at your hotel in Mui Ne. The whole program should end around 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

Price for 2 Days Private Tours : Da Lat - Mui Ne

Number of person:  2-3 pax     4-5 pax     6-7 pax    8-9 pax   >10 pax
Price/ 1 person:      110 USD    80 USD     60 USD   50 USD   45 USD 

Included: English-speaking guide, Private car, all of entrance fees, drinking water for 3 days, travel insurance
Excluded: Lunch, roller-coaster , and cost for the jeep if you plan to ride them.

Note: For lunch, the tour guide will be able to give you a recommendation on some local restaurant. You can choose to pay an additional $7/person at the start of the trip if you want this local lunch to be included.


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