After 10 years, my ex and I dated at the hotel but did not do anything

I know I'm wrong because he is married, I will continue to suffer as I continue.

Me and you, two people from two different cities, have the opportunity to meet and love each other in another city. Our love lasted only a year because I discovered he cheated on me. He has a child even though not married. I felt the love in him, he loved me very much but my love for him was not big enough to overcome that difficult period so I decided to break up, how many times did he hold on to me I still didn't waver lay.

Nearly 10 years have passed, everything has changed, he is already married, I also experienced some love but failed. I buried my love for him. After I broke up I realized that I love him so much, I could hardly forget him. I thought time would erase everything but actually in my heart sometimes I still think of him. This year, he and I were fortunate to meet again, initially shy, just talking like old friends met, gradually we both revealed our true feelings. Both still have feelings for each other. We had a meeting at the hotel, but he and I didn't go over the limit, we hadn't done anything in the past.

We confided to each other all about the love of the two of us. He said there was always my shadow in my heart and so did I. He always loved and respected me. After that meeting, we still got in touch. Then he found himself wrong, so he decided to terminate the contact even though he only asked to be texted to talk, without having to meet. This feeling has come to forget forever.