After getting married, I should send 30 million per month to my parents and younger siblings

If I send it to my house, does it have to send to my wife's side like that?

Accidentally read the article: "The husband secretly sent money to his parents". I have a few questions to want your comments.

I am 28 years old, unmarried, born in a countryside about 80 km from Hanoi. Although my parents are not well-off, they always try to raise me to study carefully. I am serious, hard working, always working hard from the student to the time I always try to strive for the future.

After 5 years of graduation, I have a good job in Hanoi and my outside income is about 100 million per month. I save over a billion and plan to buy a house next year. My parents are not a high income, probably 2 people about 10 million per month but always spend savings and wholeheartedly take care of children. My income is good, but it mainly comes from outside business, nothing is said beforehand. My immediate goal is to buy a house, so I plan to borrow a few hundred million from my parents' savings to buy a house early, avoid long-term housing prices, and then I'll return my parents as a pension. Then with my income I can give more to my parents, because what they give me is too big.

Sometimes I think the fun is that after getting married, the house is already available, the income as mentioned, if the wife can only make 10 million per month, then I can send my parents 20 million, send my brother 10 million So that everyone can spend it?