Boyfriend holds other girl's sensitive papers

He explained that she was a partner, but I still could not believe it, how could I only be a partner who believed in keeping something so private?

Me and him know each other quite quickly, after only a month I came to stay with him. At first he was very pampered, always made me feel safe even because of the nature of work he did not let me touch the phone. Accidentally I know the past he was quite swell, acquainted with many girls, still holding cards and gifts of the old. I never wanted to see it because it was a thing of the past.

Recently I discovered that he kept a prenatal check-up record of another daughter. Now he turned to blame me, that I didn't trust him. During the time we met, I moved into his house, slept every night but did not go over the limit, we were afraid of having an unintended baby. I am very confused, can I ask for advice?