His first love is married but his family still accept me

We lived as husband and wife in our newly built house (his wife was in another city), and both his parents were there, very happy.

Like many girls, I also have a beautiful first love. In the first 3 years of love, 1/3 of the time is close and 2/3 of the time is long distance. Our love is a beautiful love, does not exceed the limits of this love. He and I had promised to return to the same house, but after coming back to Hanoi, he did not come back to ask me for marriage as promised, nor did I find him to ask for the reason. With pressure from my family, I quickly picked a person over the age of ten, a Saigon man whom I knew not very well. Then the wedding ceremony was held quickly about a month after the first love broke down.

For more than 10 years living with my husband, my life was at a standstill when the two of us were always arguing in front of our children, living without respect for each other and I had depression. My husband and I live mostly in one room, I only met him when he forced me but then still agreed to give birth to my second child because I wanted my child to have a brother. I take care of my children thoughtfully and externally in the whole family. When I was living with my husband, I kept in touch with my first sister. Before weaning off my first child, through that connection I met my first love when he had the opportunity to visit Saigon for medical examination. He called me, explaining the reason he couldn't meet me as promised because of a broken leg, unable to contact. I was with him twice, then he confessed to getting married, we no longer contacted.

For the first 5 years of my first love, I had no contact, I had a relationship with a man when I joined an important project of the company. At that time, I had just had my second child and was breastfeeding. With cunningness, he said I would have a project if I was with him and I agreed. After 2 relationships, I have a real project but then I only maintain the relationship at the level of sharing and understanding life through texting, calling back and forth, he said he still missed me.

After talking with my colleagues for a few months, I met my first love. We forgot everything to be together, now that he has 2 daughters and his wife is about to give birth to the third child. He implores to be with me and says he loves me. We are together every day during our business. The next business trip a month later, I took the initiative to make an appointment to meet him clearly. As a destiny, he convinced me and I agreed to continue to be with him so long as the two sides had to keep not affecting each other's family, I still had to take emergency contraception as usual. times. Both agree to grow old or when children grow up to live together.

In 2 years together then many things happened. He borrowed more than 600 million to build a house for his parents in the countryside. At the time of construction, he continued to borrow more than VND 100 million for 2 times when his relatives were hospitalized. I lived with him with the expectation that when I got old, I would stay together, so during the process of building my house, I went back and forth like a family. His wife and children are in another city so they are not aware of what we do. When I finished building the house, I stayed there for a few nights, me and him a room and his parents a room. My grandparents happily accepted me and also agreed that we would come back, and our brothers and aunts and uncles also supported this.

During the time of building the house, he continued to fly back and forth between Saigon - Hanoi to take care of the work and because I knew he was owed money, I actively paid for the costs when the two of them were together and when traveling. . After building the house, I took the initiative to pay for him to fly to Saigon near me (he lives outside of Hanoi). This time really happy for me. 2 times I sent my son to his paternal house to visit his parents for a few days, to spend the night there and to eat with his parents even though he knew his wife was born.

Nearly two years later, I feel that he took advantage of me in terms of money when everything unrelated to my two brothers told me to pay too. I didn't like that so I gradually relaxed this relationship. I asked him how he planned to pay off the money he borrowed, he told him time he would take care of me. One day his wife learned the story, he knelt down and asked his wife to forgive, there were words of blame because I took the initiative to do all this and shook everything off. I phone and text him to ask how the story goes, he doesn't listen and doesn't reply to the message. I divorced and he and his wife reunited with family, about happiness together.

Now I also understand the hearts of people and realize the fact that I cherish the first love and you don't. I decided to get him to pay to end this relationship quickly. When I fiercely demanded money, he tried again to apologize to me. I disagree, he immediately changed his nature, said he would pay me 300 million that I transfer via bank, the remaining amount because I gave cash without evidence so he did not pay. I earned 300 million, the rest do not know how to claim. I tell the story of my life here, looking forward to your comments, so that I know what I really am and what I should do next in this situation?