I hide from him because of the disease of the century

Should I tell the truth, would he alienate me, be afraid of me, and lose his current friendship?

I am a gay man, I discovered I had HIV 3 years ago. Life seemed to close, but fortunately I was encouraged by my family and the doctors so my spirit gradually became optimistic. After a year I regained balance for life, take care of myself more, love my family and every moment I spend. I went back to work but was absolutely scared whenever someone mentioned love. So I no longer have feelings about love or, rather, fear. Afraid not because the disease has haunted me, but because if the lover knows and unfortunately happens to him, I do not know how to handle it.

I treated aggressively, so I always got the results that the load was below the detection threshold and my appearance was pretty good so no one could know what. The doctor said love it because it's safe and okay. I also just smiled: "Yes, I'm afraid of love, bro". Accidentally 6 months ago, I met him, initially simply friends but slowly feeling he gives me more than that. Both of them have stable jobs and good economy so they cannot be said to be taking advantage of each other. He often mentioned giving each other opportunities. I really wanted to open my heart but even hugging or hugging my arms I could not accept him to do, not because I did not want it but because I was scared, very scared.

I could not control my heart whenever he stood under the house waiting for me until late at night and I did not appear. I started to hide, and he was still searching hard for not understanding why I did that. I was about to move to another place, but I really knew that I also loved you in my heart. Many people and doctors recommend treating it as a chronic disease, don't lose your optimism because it's safe. Everyone, please give me some advice before this difficulty. To tell the truth, I couldn't look at him like that.