My husband invited my sister and my husband to stay together without discussing anything

I was annoyed, but could it be that I'm an older sister who told my sister not to be here.

My parents gave birth to 3 siblings, now we have a family. My brother and I have our own house, and my family's economy is enough to save. Only girls have been married for nearly a year. Before marrying my sister, who was with my wife and me, was exactly with me because my husband was away from home, twice a year, more than a year ago he had come to work close to home. After married, his sister and his wife rented a private house. Last summer, the weather was so hot that sometimes my wife and I went home to take a nap or at night, in an air-conditioned room. Currently, my sister is pregnant for more than 3 months.

Nearly two months ago, I went on a business trip a few days, and my husband told my sister and my wife to move back to my house so that they could take care of each other. My sister and my wife have agreed to stay with me ever since. It is worth mentioning that he made his own decision without discussing it with me. When I returned, I was very frustrated, telling my husband the inconvenience when my sister and I were together, he said that it was okay. I was silent, unable to say anything, because if my husband was my brother-in-law, I couldn't speak. I was really awkward, saying it was hard but not saying it was uncomfortable. Can you advise me? Am I too selfish?