My wife and I became best friends after we broke up

I am happy and serene when my child does not suffer from the mistakes of my husband and I.

After nearly 10 years of love and marriage, my wife and I broke up due to differences in lifestyle. I am a family-oriented man and somewhat in principle, she is a dreamer and likes freedom. When breaking up, his wife cried a lot because of torment and mercy. She said I was a good man, a good husband and father but still decided to go my own way and the new one chose. Although I still have feelings, I do not blame her but support her because I know the love must be on both sides.

Currently, the two of them agreed to stay together for 2 years as friends to take care of the daughter who is preparing to enter first grade. I financially support and contribute to finding a new home for my wife, and she also takes care of the children and the home. As friends, both feel quite comfortable in chatting, confiding, helping and agreeing on the way of parenting.