My wife is young so very stubborn

I just told many things, but when my wife listened to it, she wouldn't argue without any reason.

I have been married for nearly a year. My wife is still young and an only child so stubborn. I have to teach a lot, I am too tired in this situation, I think the couple must take care of each other and not each other just teach like this. Moreover, I'm quite busy with work, so I need someone to lift a bag to fix a towel, over here, I work, the pressure, back home is heavy.

Recently my wife asked me to pass all my gmail pass, social networks, even stealthy locating my phone and car, I feel like being in jail. I also left the home alone because I mentioned that she also argued around her neck and a few sentences were swear and swear. Now I'm hungry, order milk tea cup through the application, she immediately texted why buy milk tea, probably scared me to buy it for her. Actually, I think it is important for husband and wife to make their partner want to stay with them, not this kind of housekeeper, but if they do not know how to make people fall in love, they will leave. Thanks to everyone who helped me know how to do it.