The couple is still happy and suddenly I have no desire

I am very worried and afraid that this situation will continue to affect the couple's life.

I am 26 years old, my husband is 30 years old, married for more than 2 years and have a one year old boy. Recently, I have no desire to be close to my husband. When I have a battle, I have no feeling. Before that, even though I had a small child, our sex was in harmony, regularly 2-3 times a week. My feelings for my husband and I remained normal, he was very good, spoiled me, shared the housework and looked after the children.

I find out, thinking about the possible cause is hormonal decline after childbirth but not sure. Looking for consultants to help me, what should I do to improve hormonal conditions? Thank you.


Psychological consultant Phong Nguyen suggests:

Dear friend!

Decreasing libido is not uncommon in postpartum women, but not everyone is comfortable sharing this sensitive issue with others. The fact that you send a letter to the editorial office for help shows that you are quite proactive about your problems and want to find answers and advice correctly. In fact, there are many cases in postpartum women, estrogen and progesterone (the main hormone that helps maintain female sex hormones) will drop sharply. This is one of the reasons for the decrease in libido, drought in postpartum women. However, in order to know the most accurate reason, I encourage you to visit and accompany your husband to consult your doctor directly about this issue.

Besides, intimate moments are always one of the important factors to help warm up the affection of husband and wife, so I think you should talk to your husband openly about this issue so that the couple Find a solution together. I encourage you two to make your own wishes for the other person and make some positive improvement plans, such as doing exercises to improve your health as well as balance hormone levels; up the nutritional menu that is suitable for both ... You can completely consult with a qualified doctor to plan the best fit.

Nowadays, human life develops, there are many methods to make married life become more interesting and at the same time offset the temporary limitations of each individual, but the most important factor is Always the love between the couple. If the couple is always close, loving and helping each other, I believe the two of you will find a suitable method together. Wish the couple always happy with his little son.